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We are so excited about the range of options available for next year.

6 day options: Friday 16th – Thursday 22nd August 2024
Total immersion:  This is the favourite option.  Just book and do whichever workshops take your fancy through the week.  Study with your favourite JWAAD teachers or our international stars……. this does not include the project with Julia Farid but you can join in anything else including the live music classes.
Julia farid Project:  includes Total Immersion above.  Click on the link for full details.  Designed to develop your dance.  10 hours with Julia then dip into the full timetable.  New to SS24.  A project that will nourish and support your dance development.  You also have access to all classes including superstar workshops and live music classes….. everything in the timetable and the added exclusivity of a project with Julia.  Limited to 20 participants – you will have a 2 hour class with Julia on 5 mornings which she has created a programme of classes to develop your dance.  Then you get to join in everything else as well.
4 Day Option – Friday 16th – Tuesday 20th August 2024
Live Music option – Bellydance Music Embodied:   16th – 20th August 2024.  The culmination of our music course – 2 full days with live music to re-inforce all your online learning.  You do not have to have completed the music course to benefit from this.  Immerse yourself in live music and improve your understanding of its structure and how to interpret it.  Saturday and Monday are your ‘live music’ days.  On Sunday you can choose from the main timetable – though there may be some classes about live music you can choose.  You can book this 4 day option and choose all your classes from the main timetable if the dates suit you.
4 day option – Sunday 18th – Thursday 22nd August.
4 day Immersion Folklore option:  If you book this option you can go to any classes on the timetable (except for the project with Julia).  Abeer Will is running a folklore course across these days so if folklore is your thing you will love this.  There is also a day with Musicians and much more ………. Over 24 classes to choose from across the 4 days.
2 days: – we have a weekend option  Friday 16th – Sunday 18th August
Weekend Superstar special:  
16th – 18th August 2024.  International Superstars:  Julia Farid, Yasmina of Cairo, Carmen Tormo, Ingunn Lyngstad & Raphaelle are joining us.  Most are here for the week but Carmen is only here for the weekend so, if you want to study with her ……..  Of course we have our amazing UK teachers too:  Josephine Wise, Kay Taylor, Dorte/Ishtar, Katie Alyce and more – not all will be teaching on the weekend.

Residential prices are per person and include all meals, classes and activities, and use of all facilities
Non-residential includes lunch and supper, classes and activities, and use of all facilities.

Click here to see all our options and pay your deposit.

In the event of a lockdown or other government advice that means the event cannot legally take place, you will receive a full refund. Please ensure you have travel insurance for other circumstances.  


This is a fabulous deal – as it includes all your accommodation, meals, tuition, party nights and show ….. and so much more!   There are no hidden costs.  
Save at least £60 – £80 with the early bird rate.  Pay your deposit NOW!
There are only 2 group rooms with 3 or 4 beds.

Choice:   Click links to pay deposit 6 Days

Total Immersion

6 Days

Julia Farid Project

4 Days

Live Music and more

4 Days

Folklore and more

2 Days

Superstar weekend

  16-22 Aug 16-22 Aug 16-20 Aug 18-22 Aug 16-18 Aug
Single:  £795 £875 £625 £625 £425
Twin:  Per person  £735 £815 £575 £575 £375
Group per person  EB £695 £790 £550 £550 £355
Non Residential EB £560 £660 £445 £445 £299


A deposit of:
£150 is payable for 6 days (£100 is non-refundable). The balance payment is due by 15th June.
£120 is payable for 4 days (£100 is non refundable)  The balance is due by 15th June.
£100 is payable for 2 nights (non-refundable). The balance payment is due by 15th June.

Or you can pay the full fee straight away.

After 15th June full price must be included with all bookings

If you’d like to share a twin or group room,  please let us know who you’d like to share with. If you’re not sure, let us know and we’ll try to find sharers for you.

Booking Online

You can find all our Summer School options in our shop.  Choose the relevant one and pay your deposit.

It is possible to pay by bank transfer, email us for details: 


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