A journey of discovery

Bellydance Now is an organisation led by dancers who are passionate about Bellydance and who have all championed the art form in different ways through our careers.

We all bring different strengths to the company and respect the history and culture behind this dance, believe it is important to understand not only the technique but also the music, history and development throughout the ages as well as worldwide. We are proud of our rich heritage whilst moving on and exploring the latest development within the bellydance scene.

We all have different dance backgrounds but what unites us is that we’ve all studied with and/or worked for the Josephine Wise Academy of Arabic Dance (JWAAD) and we each have our own individual style and profile on the UK as well as the international dance scene.

Meet the team

Kay Taylor

One of the best-known dancers on the UK scene. Known not just for her teaching and performance skills but for her businesses Farida dance (costume sales) and Farida Adventures (specialist holidays for belly dancers). Having originally graduated from the JWAAD school, she went on to become the managing director of JWAAD for 6 years, running the Fantasia Festival and the JWAAD portfolio of courses. Kay brings her people management skills, event organising and personal connections in the international dance world to ‘Bellydance Now’.



Yasmina of Cairo

A professional dancer in Cairo for many years, Yasmina now splits her time between Cairo (where she runs her dancers B&B) and the UK where she has been helping develop the online course content with JWAAD. Yasmina brings that personal Cairo experience, her depth of knowledge and her international connections to ‘Bellydance Now’.

Dorte Evelyn

Dorte has her own school of dance: The Ishtar Dance Academy and is also a personal transformation teacher as well as a marketing consultant. She has trained in several dance styles which give her Bellydance classes and performances extra range and individuality. Dorte now delivers the prestigious BDN Safety course, known for its in-depth content and practical application. She will continue to deliver this course and bring her other skills to ‘Bellydance Now’.


Carmen Tormo

Based in Valencia, Carmen has studied with JWAAD and many top-named international dancers. She has received awards in several competitions and made a name for herself both in the UK and at international festivals. Whilst living in the UK, Carmen was also heavily involved with the NADA magazine and developing its website and online offerings. Carmen brings her knowledge of the international circuit, the festival scene and her skills with social media to ‘Belly Dance Now’.

Josephine Wise

Now based in Bristol and semi-retired, Josephine has developed JWAAD, its courses as well as mentored many dancers over the years. She has also designed the original Fantasia Festival and all these components are now part of ‘Bellydance Now’. Jo continues to run the internationally famous ‘JWAAD Summer School’ which combines fun and social dance with professional development. Whatever your experience there is something for everyone.

Abeer Will

Born in Alexandria, Abeer started dancing when she joined the folklore troupe in university. This started a lifelong love of dance.  Abeer moved to Germany when she got married and still lives there.  Abeer continued studying with the masters such as Mahmoud Reda whenever she went back to Egypt to visit family.  She has been instrumental in developing the bellydance community in Germany.

Abeer is interested in raising the profile of bellydance and in sharing her knowledge with students.

The body of knowledge developed by the amazing dancers who contributed to the JWAAD courses over the years will continue to be a great resource to dancers everywhere.

Bellydance Now will continue updating courses to keep them relevant to the current dance scene. We are also developing a whole new portfolio of events, workshops and shows. You can sign up for our newsletter here to be the first to hear about them as well as other exciting updates and events. 

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