Exclusive Souk

Our exclusive souk for 2024:
The souk is situated in the main hall which is used for workshops until 15.30.  The souk will open at 16.15.  Open stage performances start from 16.30 – 18.30.
You can sit and watch performances or browse the souk whilst keeping an eye on the open stage.  The souk stays open through the Gala show. 19.00 – 22.00.  There will be a couple of intervals to shop in.

BellyDance Now

Yes, we run the Fantasia festival – but our main passion is developing dancers – and training teachers.  Visit our stall to have a chat about your development ……. Our courses are in depth and fascinating.  They are also accredited by an awarding body so recognised outside of the belly dance world.   You might want to sign up for this years ‘BellyDance Now International Challenge’.
Why not come and have a chat with one of our teachers to find out more.
Oh – and you can also treat yourself to our fab new T shirts …. or our Rhythms CD.
Sign up and pay for …. or pay a deposit in some cases …… one of our courses or events and you will be entered into a prize draw.  The prize?  A weekend of workshops with Cairo superstar Brenda.  Details on our ‘BellyDance Now’ stall.
Read about our Teaching Diploma
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Find out more about our annual International Bellydance Summer School


Moonlight Design

We are delighted to welcome Moonlight Design as one of our vendors.  If you are looking for a unique costume then this could be for you.

You should definitely check out their designs.  If you are looking for accessories or props you could find what you are looking for here.

Check out the website and read about it’s creator:



Just Because

Just because is a registered charity dedicated to raise funds for the treatment and prevention of cancer in Egypt and to help smaller cancer charities in the UK.  The health system in Egypt is such that any treatment for cancer has to be personally funded, Can you imagine having been given a diagnosis along with a pricelist for your life saving treatment? Therefore the majority of our funds are send directly to the Breast Cancer foundation for Egypt who help to pay for those who cannot afford their own treatment, and we also help people with cancer diagnoses who are within our dance network.  We are currently helping Hanan Mahmoud, with her treatment and have a dedicated fund for her.  All four trustees of the charity are volunteers, taking time and effort to raise both funds and awareness of the charity and of Breast health.  We are very grateful that Fantasia has allowed us to bring a stall, please come and say hi to us there We look forward to seeing you!  

Zaras Zouk

Established in London for some time, Zara and her mother Sandra run this fabulous souk.  From hip scarves to costumes, accessories to props.

Zara also produces a monthly newsletter:  Zameena.  She organises workshops and events with dancers from Cairo.  Zara is based in Cairo so if she is not in the UK, her mother brings the stall.

We are already planning for the souk to be open longer next year ……. we know you like time to shop.


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