Bellydance Now is a unique organisation dedicated to developing, teaching and exploring the art of Bellydance internationally as well as in the UK where we are based.

Why? Because we are passionate about Bellydance…

  • We respect the history and culture of this dance
  • We encourage study of all aspects of Bellydance
  • We explore and appreciate Bellydance as it is now
  • We develop and mentor dancers to achieve their full potential
  • We respect and build on our own legacy
  • We support other dancers, teachers and events
  • We believe in a strong dance community

We aim to deliver the best of Bellydance whether, through events, courses, our teacher training and by supporting the wider Bellydance community.

“Thank you for a brilliant course! What you taught was so interesting and delivered in such an engaging and well thought out way,” Louise Deacon, Safety Course 

“Inspirational, enlightening, challenging, but in the end a great confidence booster.” Jill Karstad, Music Course


Why we care about Bellydance Now…

“I am passionate about Bellydance and sharing my knowledge. Bellydance Now offers dancers some amazing performance and learning opportunities and I am so excited to be involved”, Kay Taylor.



“Having lived and worked throughout the Middle East as a Bellydance performer, I bring a lot of intimate knowledge of the dance scene, music and culture to Bellydance Now and the courses we offer. I have directed several films about the Cairo Bellydance scene and still split my time between the UK and Egypt. I can’t wait to share my knowledge and bring a bit of Cairo to the wider world, ” Yasmina of Cairo.



“Having professionally trained in other dance forms I have always been very interested in establishing a more structured way of learning Bellydance to ensure not only good technique but also the knowledge and experience that goes with it. I found this in JWAAD and am so thrilled to be able to continue this development under the Bellydance Now umbrella. The artform deserves much more recognition and support to grow strong again and I’m honored to be part of this new team working towards exactly that,” Dorte Evelyn. 


“Bellydance is my life, and I am very happy to be able to bring my extensive knowledge about competitions, the European dance scene and social media to Bellydance Now. I am passionate about growing the Bellydance community and can’t wait to bring some of our exciting new events to the public,” Carmen Tormo.  



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