Personal Development Programme

“…really great… I found it empowering and motivating, feeling like I have a goal to work towards now,”  Sari Naskinen

From individual feedback to workshops


What is it?

A way of providing both mentoring and a pathway to achieve your goals.  Work with your mentor to develop a Personal Training Plan and track your progress.  If you have a regular teacher, this is in addition to your regular class. To find a teacher near you, click on ‘Classes’

Why do it?

There are many reasons why a dancer may need a more personal approach to their dancing. This programme is for you if:

  • You have no regular teacher in your area or at your level.
  • You have got ‘stuck’ with your technique.
  • You are not sure where your strengths and weaknesses lie.
  • You are not sure of your true technique level.
  • You don’t know how to get to the next level.
  • You need a boost to your confidence and a plan to work to.
  • You want to speed up your progress.
  • You want to work with a Mentor to develop a personal training plan.
  • You cannot get to regular classes but need some input to your development.

You do not have to be on any BDN course to join the Personal Development Programme.

One to One Technique Review

How it works

It starts with a private lesson – you can incorporate a technique review – then you agree a series of private lessons with your mentor to work towards your goals.  Leave enough time between them to allow yourself time to work on the agreed areas.  We have an online resource area for your use with descriptions of technique – click here to see.

Your Mentor will give you:

  • an appraisal of where your strengths lie
  • some specifics to work on which will help address the weaker areas
  • help you write a personal training plan

After your initial technique review, you will receive a Personal Technique Review sheet with a summary of your Mentors suggestions, and a Certificate with your overall dance level. Your details will be registered at our office and you will have officially joined the BDN Personal Development Programme.  You can use your Technique Review to focus your practice.

How do I get onto the JWAAD Personal Development Programme?

  • Book a private lesson with a mentor below
  • Tell them in advance that you would like to add a Technique Review.
  • Cost:  Private lesson + £10

Whenever you go for a private lesson, your technique review is updated as part of the process – your Mentor will work with reference to your technique review but may not use it all the time.  When your technique has moved up a level and you would like a new certificate to reflect this, there is a £10 admin fee.

Technique Booster:  Book a series of 4 private lessons with your Mentor.  This focuses the mind and gives you timescales to work towards.  Specific feedback enables you to practise intelligently and make progress.  So often, we work on something only to find we have been practising wrongly …. then have to address that!

All our Mentors will offer discounts on their private lesson fee if you book a BDN Technique Booster.

In summary, you pay £10 for your first technique review plus the price of your Mentor’s private lesson.  You can then continue having private lessons without the additional £10 fee but your mentor would use the information to inform their coaching.  You can book a Technique Booster and ask your mentor about a discount.

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Who are your Mentors?
Below is a list of our current Mentors.  If you are interested in joining our Personal Development Programme, you will need to either travel to your nearest Mentor – or book a Zoom private lesson.  Click on the mentors name to email them to discuss your development and book a private lesson with a technique review.  Let them know you have their details from the Bellydance Now website.

Higher Level Mentors

  1. Yasmina of Cairo – London – – Zoom option
  2. Abeer Will – Germany – – Zoom option
  3. Josephine Wise – Bristol – 
  4. Kay Taylor – Sunderland/North East – – Zoom option
  5. Dorte Evelyn / Ishtar – Surrey – – Zoom option
  6. Carmen Tormo – Valencia, Spain – – Zoom option
  7. Gwen Booth – Oxford –
  8. Raphaelle Masson – Paris –
  9. Claire Barnfather – North East – 
  10. Maelle – Dubais/London – – Zoom option
  11. Catherine Bartholemew – Kent – – Zoom option
  12. Galit Mersand – Brighton – – Zoom option
  13. Moyra Banks – Edinburgh – – Zoom option


  1. Abbie Mason – Herefordshire – 
  2. Sue Baker – Buckleton / Cambridgeshire –
  3. Nisha Lall – Sheffield – 
  4. Elizabeth Aitken – Cambridge area –

How to Join
Contact one of our Mentors and book a Private Lesson and join the Personal Development Programme incorporating a Technique Review. Only Mentors listed on this website can assess the BDN technique and help you write your personal training plan. We also hold Technique Reviews at our residential event Summer School.  If you would like to book one there, email

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