‘As a training organisation, we want to encourage learners to continue their journey whether with us or by studying elsewhere.  Whatever path you choose, it is the ongoing commitment to learning that is essential.’

Encouraging New Learning:  

We offer the ‘Yvette Cowles Scholarship’, twice a year, in memory of our late Director, Yvette Cowles.

Yvette believed that we never stop learning and we want this prestigious award to encourage dancers to continue their development through our accredited courses that Yvette helped design.

Yvette wrote and starred in her one-woman show ‘Sequins on my Balcony’ about her experiences with breast cancer, as well as writing a book ‘Belly Dance and Beating the Odds’.  Both of these gave many women hope and helped people see that you can live a full and rewarding life whilst living with cancer.

This will only be awarded when there is a ‘deserving’ candidate.  If no one demonstrates the requested attributes then we will hold over until the next time.

Our Yvette Cowles Scholarship has been awarded to many dancers over the years from differing Bellydance disciplines.

We are inviting applications from dancers who wish to study our ‘Bellydance Safely’ course.  Applications need to be submitted by:  30th June 2022

  • We welcome applications from committed dancers worldwide.
  • Scholarships of up to 50% of course fees will be awarded.
  • This scholarship is for:  Bellydance Safely (starts September 2022 by Zoom suitable for those considering teaching or already teaching)

Qualities we look for from applicants:

  • Evidence of ongoing Bellydance training
  • Evidence of a commitment to the wider dance community
  • Additional commitment to health and well-being is desirable but not essential
  • To Apply
  • Send an email to which includes:
  • Your name, address, contact number
  • Details of your personal dance journey: who you have studied with and your current situation.
  • Include any examples which illustrate the qualities we are looking for mentioned above.
  • Please specify which course you are interested in and what use you hope to put it to.

Decisions will be made by 15th July 2022

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