Timetable & Workshop descriptions

Full details of our workshops are here.  The timetable for the day – and below that individual workshop descriptions.
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Saturday 17th Feb 2024    
Time Main Hall Room 1 Room 2
9 – 11am Randa – Technique –   £60 Ozgen   £35

Romany style

Sara Farouk   £35

Listening not hearing

11.15 – 13.15 Randa – Oriental music choreography    £60 Naama Gelber   £30

Upgrade your dancing with fluid arms

Carmen Tormo  £30

Lyrical choreography to Bessamo Mucho

13.25 – 15.25 Katie Alyce   £30

Floorwork , technique and combinations

Ozgen   £35

Tango Fusion

Yasmina of Cairo   £35

Dynamic combos modern Cairo style

15.30 – 17.00 Set hall up Bonita   £25

Magic of musicality

Moyra Banks    £25

Feeling Good – Nubian Dance

16.30 – 18.30 Open stage & souk Free if booked on workshops £10 if just attending the open stage
Leave room      
19.00 – 22.30 Gala Show & souk £35  

Workshop Descriptions
Randa – Technique – 9 -11  (£60)
Randa is a Cairo Superstar.  She has wowed dancers around the world with her unique and powerful technique.  This workshop will drill moves and focus on the essence of power within the dance.

Ozgen – Romany Style – 9 -11  (£35)
Join Mr Ozgen to explore Turkish Romany dance.  Learn how to feel – and dance to the 9/8 rhythm.  Includes technique and combinations.  If you want to find out more about Romany music and dance, this is for you.

Sara Farouk – Listening not hearing – 9 -11  (£35)
How to stop counting and start dancing.  Sara has a unique approach to Egyptian dance and music.  This will really make a difference.

Randa – Oriental Choreography – 11.15 – 13.15   (£60)
Randa brings energy and power to each piece she performs.  Learn this choreography with Randa and find out how to bring that Cairo vibe to your own.  Lots of unique Randa moves and stepping patterns to take away.  This workshop will build on the technique class from earlier.

Naama Gelber – Upgrade your dance with fluid arms – 11.15 – 13.15   (£30)
Drills and tips to release and create flow with your arms and energy and flow to your hands.  Adding arms to combinations creating flow and framing moves in a soft and elegant way.  This will really make a difference to your dance.

Carmen – Lyrical Choreography – 11.15 – 13.15    (£30)
Using a beautiful piece of music, Bessamo Mucho, Carmen explains how to get the most from it through teaching her choreography.  The focus is on exploring the vocals – train your ear and your body.  Try something different.

Ozgen – Tango Fusion – 13.25 – 15.25    (£35)
Explore Ozgens fusion of Tango and Oriental style using an amazing piece of Tango inspired music.  Lots of ideas to inspire you.  Enjoy Ozgens passionate interpretation.

Katie Alyce – Floorwork, Technique and Combinations – 13.25 – 15.25    (£30)
Learn a signature Katie style floorwork choreography along with useful technique building to create your own floorwork combinations. Technique training includes but not limited to: effective ways get to and from the floor, big juicy floor based movements, flexibility training/stretching for exaggerated movements, and gorgeous seamless floor transitions. 

Yasmina of Cairo – Dynamic combos – modern Cairo style – 13.25 – 15.25   (£35)
Yasmina’s technique on how to deliver and perfect combinations and transitions that will add variety and elegance to your musical interpretations. With detailed breakdown.  Lots of ideas to take away.

Moyra Banks – Feeling Good – Nubian Dance – 15.30 – 17.00    (£25)
Nubian dance has a real feel good factor about it.  The moves and funky and fun.  The music powerful and often soulful yet makes you want to dance.  Moyra explains some of the context of Nubian music and puts some moves and combinations to a great Nubian track.

Bonita – Magic of Musicality – 15.30 – 17.00    (£25)
Visually translate the music you hear into beautiful movements, learning to interpret popular instruments within Egyptian music as well as the relationship between orchestra and soloist. Dancers will apply what they learn to a choreographed section of the much-loved classic ‘Aziza’ by Mohammad Abdel Waheb.

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