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We never stop learning and only by continued study and development from experienced teachers can we be the best we can be. Whether you’re looking to develop your own dance and performance skills, want to join our acclaimed teacher training programs we have expert knowledge and decades of experience to help you on your journey.

For workshops, regular classes, and events please visit our Dance page.

If you are not sure where to start, then please feel free to contact us, or use this feedback from one of our students as inspiration:

“Although I had been dancing for a long time I was really interested in exploring Bellydance and everything that surrounds it in much more detail and I knew that studying with Bellydance Now (then JWAAD) would help me do all that.

I started with the Safety to Dance course, which really lays the foundation, as it includes in-deepth information on anatomy, lesson planning, how to teach a warm up, how to break down and teach basic moves, the importance of cool downs, business administration, marketing and much more. It was all taught via Zoom yet it was engaging and extremely well put together and delivered. 

I the signed up for the Bellydance Music Explore, of which the majority can be studied online. This really took my understanding of not only the rhythms but also the music in general to a totally new level. 

Bellydance Heritage was next, and what a fabolous course that was. It covered not only the orgins and development of the artform but also taught me about styles, costumes and the continued development of the dance. 

I am now preparing for my Teaching Diploma, and can’t wait to get stuck into this. Not only will it qualify my as a BDN Teacher, but also give me that missing information on how to create engaging classes, using different teaching methods, plan courses and not least deliver them in an exciting, personal yet authentic way.”  

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