Essence of Egypt

The journey of a lifetime for any dancer. 

Designed by Yasmina of Cairo and Kay Taylor to experience the academic learning from our courses first hand.  From Cairo to Luxor, Luxor to Aswan ….. and a day trip to Alexandria.  We experience dance and music in different ways.  
Aida Noor tells us about her early years in Alexandria……. and you get to see the Great Library of Alexandria and the museum.
We take a Nubian dance class in Aswan and learn about the history of Nubia.
Khariya Mazin teaches us some authentic Ghawazee moves and we hear about her life.
We take a class with a master of Tahtib.
On the Nile cruise, we visit ancient temples and Vally of the Kings.
In Cairo we have a dance class with one of Cairos professional dancers and hear about her life and experiences as a dancer.
We hear from Eman Zaki about her mothers life as a dancer in Badia Masabne clubs and visit the Om Kalthoum museum.
We visit Mohamed Ali Street where you can buy traditional instruments – and the Khan el Khalili, Cairos biggest market.
You have a free day for sightseeing.
Our final night is an ‘Om Kalthoum’ soiree with our own band and an amazing singer.
This amazing trip will happen every 12 – 18 months.
The next one is November 2022 – click here to find out more and book your place.

We recommend you complete ‘Bellydance Music Explored’ and our on line history and culture course being launched this year.  This will inform your journey and enrich the experience.
Of course you can join us on the trip then decide you want to learn more then sign up for our courses…… either way is fine.

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