At Bellydance Now (BDN), we are passionate about your development whether as a dancer or as a teacher.

We recognise that people take different pathways on their journey to be the best dancer or the best teacher that they can be. Our commitment is to those who choose to take their journey with us.

BDN levels explained

Level1: Instructor
Once you have successfully completed the Safety Course, you join our ‘entry level’ teachers. We have a whole host of experience within this level – from very experienced teachers, refreshing their safety knowledge – to new teachers just starting their journey.  For those that want to continue their journey with BDN, they can go on to complete the BDN Teaching Diploma.

Level2: Teacher
Once you have successfully completed the Teaching Diploma, you become a Level2 teacher. This denotes the fact that you have studied the full diploma course. Students know they can expect a high level of knowledge from their teacher and we hope you will teach well structured and interesting classes.

As a Level2 teacher, you can become a Mentor which includes a free training day and certifies you to deliver Technique Reviews as part of the Personal Development Programme. Technique Reviews are a good development tool for your regular students too. The training day ensures we are all assessing technique to the same standardized level and also includes sessions to develop our skills as Mentors and Teachers.

Level3: Master Teacher
There are 3 criteria to become a Level3 teacher – you must hold the BDN Diploma, be approved to teach to an advanced level, and be a BDN mentor.  This means your own technique should be of a higher level and / or you know how to Mentor dancers to achieve a higher level.

Level4: Master Teacher
Once you have achieved Level3, the next stage is to start to teach the teachers. This gives you a whole new perspective.  As the organisation grows, we need new teachers on our accredited courses and ask for applications from our own teachers first.

Whatever your teaching level, we want to support you in your teaching role. Networking is a vital part of what we do.  At events run by BDN Directors, we offer teaching opportunities and at some, sessions designed to develop teaching skills.  Sign up for our newsletter to be kept informed of these events.

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