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Join the amazing JWAAD Summer School and celebrate 30 years of success.  The courses we deliver and will be continuing to update were written by JWAAD.  This is a week to inspire and connect with the bellydance community.  International guest teachers include:  Abeer Will, Yasmina of Cairo and Maelle.  For more details go to our Summer School homepage. 


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What's happening

Posted on 16/05/2022 by Kay Taylor

Finding Equilibrium with Charlottes Wassell

Our Bellydance Teachers Network Event on 15th May. This session was called ‘Finding Equilibrium:...

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Posted on 02/05/2022 by Kay Taylor

What do you know about Baligh Hamdi?

Did you know that Baligh Hamdi: Recorded 4 songs as a singer before he...

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Posted on 09/11/2021 by Kay Taylor

Tips to Perform: Online and ‘Live’

A little introduction… we are delighted that Mayel has contributed this blog.  Mayel is...

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Posted on 18/10/2021 by Kay Taylor

Effective marketing for bellydance teachers

Entrepreneur and business coach, Nikki Tapley takes us through ways to effectively market our...

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Posted on 18/10/2021 by Kay Taylor

Dance and mental health

It’s not just what it says on the tin – dance and mental health....

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Posted on 18/10/2021 by Kay Taylor

Troubleshooting Technology

JWAAD hosted a free networking morning for bellydance teachers on Saturday 16th October.  It...

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"It was a really good course, more intensive than I expected, and... having completed it I feel much more confident about setting up lessons. "

Safety Course - Karen Harrison

".....I appreciate how much work goes into organising and presenting the course and supporting the students! I feel very confident and proud of the standard of teaching and dancing and am pleased to be your student..."

Music Course - Catriona MacDonald

"Very interesting and exciting course, learned different styles of Bellydance and gained knowledge about the evolution from the time of the Pharaohs to the present day. "

History and Culture Course - Sarah Soo Yin Chua

"There was a lot of the course that was applicable to Tribal. It was supportive and I certainly feel more confident delivering workshops having completed it and I have definitely integrated the learning from the weekend within the workshops."

Safety course - Tribal perspective - Jenny D'Allison

"'thank you for a brilliant course!... what you taught was so interesting and delivered in such an engaging and well thought out way."

Safety course - Louise Deacon

"Inspirational, enlightening, challenging, but in the end, a great confidence booster."

Music course - Jill Karstad

"I thoroughly enjoyed both the academic and practical classes. Being able to work with a live drummer was a particular highlight. "

Seraphina of Scotland

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