Teachers & Teaching Levels Explained

Bellydance Now (BDN) recognises the skills that teachers develop through their progression and learning, and we offer training and courses from entry-level (Level 1) to Mentors and Master Teachers (Level 5). See below for an in-depth explanation of all our teaching levels. 

Teacher progression is open to all Level 1 and 2 BDN Instructors and Teachers who meet the criteria. If you want to work towards the next level within BDN, please email info@bellydance-now.com to find out more and register your interest.  

Scholarships are available for those considering starting their teaching journey with us, and applications are accepted via our Yvette Cowles Scholarship.

Level 5 – BDN Master Teacher

  • Has completed the BDN Level 2 Teaching Diploma (JWAAD Teaching Diploma) or equivalent certification/skills
  • Is a BDN Mentor
  • Approved to deliver specific accredited courses
  • May develop new accredited courses within BDN
  • Approved to teach to advanced/professional level
  • Evidence of continued personal development (CPD)
  • Has access to all workshops and networking opportunities at the annual BDN Instructor and Teachers Day
  • Personalised online listing on the BDN Find a Class page

Level 4 – BDN Professional Teacher

  • Has the BDN Level 2 Teaching Diploma (JWAAD Teaching Diploma) or equivalent
  • Approved to be a BDN Mentor
  • Approved to teach to advanced level
  • Evidence of continued personal development (CPD)
  • Has access to all workshops and networking opportunities at the annual BDN Instructor and Teachers Day.
  • BDN Honorary Professional Teacher:  Has BDN/JWAAD Level 1 teaching certification or equivalent, is an acknowledged expert in their specialty, and approved to deliver aspects of accredited courses.
  • Personalised online listing on the BDN Find a Class page

Level 3 – BDN Mentor

  • Is a Level 2 BDN Teacher or above (Level is specified below)
  • Approved to deliver the Personal Development Programme
  • Committed to bi-annual training/standardisation days
  • Approved to teach at intermediate/higher intermediate level 
  • Evidence of continued personal development (CPD)
  • Has access to all workshops and networking opportunities at the annual BDN Instructor and Teachers Day, as well as in-depth standardisation training.
  • Personalised online listing on the BDN Find a Class page

Level 2 – BDN Teacher

  • Has the BDN Level 2 Teaching Diploma (JWAAD Teaching Diploma) and has in-depth knowledge to deliver informed classes – and understands dance safety
  • Approved to teach to Intermediate level
  • Has completed the Bellydance Heritage course
  • Has completed both the online as well as in-person parts of the ‘Music used within Bellydance course’ 
  • Has completed a minimum of 1 additional Continued Personal Development (CPD) certified course
  • Has access to all workshops and networking opportunities at the annual BDN Instructor and Teachers Day
  • Personalised online listing on the BDN Find a Class page

Level 1 – BDN Instructor

  • Has the Level 1 Teaching Certification either from JWAAD or BDN and understands how to teach safely
  • Approved to teach to the level below their own technique skill level
  • Has access to certain workshops and networking opportunities at the annual BDN Instructor and Teachers Day
  • Limited online listing on the BDN Find a Class page


Below is a list of our current BDN Teachers holding the (formerly known as JWAAD) BDN Level 2 Teaching Diploma.  Level 2 to Level 5. 

BDN instructors who have completed the Level 1 teaching certification (formerly known as the Safety Course) are listed further down the page.

Find all of our active teachers and instructors in our class listings. BDN teachers are denoted with a pink pin.  Information is correct at the time of posting.

Teacher Surname First name Area email
L5 Banks Moyra Edinburgh moyrabanks@gmail.com
L5 Barnfather Claire Newcastle, T&W claire@bellydances.co.uk
L5 Bartholemew Catherine Rochester, Kent cat@sevenveils.co.uk
L5 Booth Gwen Oxford geb21@hotmail.com
L5 Evelyn Dorte Weybridge, Surrey info@ishtardance.com
L5 Masson Raphaelle Paris, France bellydeluxe@gmail.com
L5 Taylor Kay Newcastle T&W kaytbd@me.com
L5 Tormo Carmen Valencia airintormo@gmail.com
L5 Will Abeer Germany abeerwill@gmx.de
L5 Wise Josephine Bristol jo.wise@jwaad.com
L4 Mayel Maelle London/Dubai maellebellydancer@yahoo.co.uk
L4 Mersand Galit Europe/Zoom info@galitmersand.com
L3 Wassell Charlotte Brighton charlotte@solarismoves.com
L3 Aitken Elizabeth Cambridgeshire elizabethbellydancer@gmail.com
L3 Baker Sue Cambridge susi-bee@hotmail.co.uk
L3 Chapman Emma Cambridge emmachapman@sky.com
L3 Lall Nisha Sheffield nisha_lall@hotmail.com
L3 Mason Abbie Herefordshire alanya@alanyabellydance.com
L3 Sanderson Amelia Tyne & Wear ameliabarlow210@btinternet.com
L2 Allee Janice Surrey janisfab@aol.com
L2 Bisco Anna Leeds loveday.bellydance@googlemail.com
L2 Boreland Kristyene N Ireland laila_9662002@yahoo.co.uk
L2 Borg Natalie East Lothian therosehafla@outlook.com
L2 Brennan Josephine Coventry josephine.brennan@loveitts.co.uk
L2 Browning Sinead    
L2 Bucciarelli Warda Italy wardafb@gmail.com
L2 Burgess Lisa Michaela Malaga, Spain lisamichaela@hotmail.co.uk
L2 Burton Charlotte Gillingham, Kent charlotte.vburton@hotmail.co.uk
L2 Cannetti Sylvia    
L2 Chandler Anna Bristol bristolbellydance@yahoo.co.uk
L2 Clarke Catherine    
L2 Clarke Julie Luton j.clarke947@ntlworld.com
L2 Clipsham Vanessa Huntingdon, Cambs vanessaclipsham@aol.com
L2 Collins Lisa Galway, Ireland galwaybellydance@gmail.com
L2 Cowles Yvette See YC Scholarship  
L2 Cowan Karin Belfast karinc2010@hotmail.co.uk
L2 Curtis Beatrice Surrey beatricecurtis@googlemail.com
L2 Dinsdale Alla Cambridgeshire alla.din@hotmail.co.uk
L2 Djadda Nancy London nancydjadda@gmail.com
L2 Dobson Louise Hertford bellydancerlou@gmail.com
L2 Estanguet Alize Po, France alize.estanguet@orange.fr
L2 Frankum Alison    
L2 Gervasio Harriet London harrietgervasio@me.com
L2 Goodwin Carol Cambridgeshire  
L2 Gould Chris London Christine1958@sky.com
L2 Gray Hazel Co Durham hgray20@btinternet.com
L2 Hagan Shona Dorset shona@shonahagan.com
L2 Hall Ann  Rochester, Kent hallann3@icloud.com
L2 Hegre Ragnhild Norway ragnhild.hegre@hegre.toyota.no
L2 Henderson Jill Tyne & Wear jillhenderson@hotmal.co.uk
L2 Hopkins Elizabeth   liza_h@hotmail.co.uk
L2 Howell Maureen Birmingham maureenhowell1@googlemail.com
L2 Humphreys Heike Southampton akasha@akashatribal.co.uk
L2 Jablonska Agnieszka London fifikot@yahoo.co.uk
L2 Jameel Saeeda North Somerset saeedabellydance@googlemail.com
L2 Khessib Angelica Egham, Surrey anjelirkku@yahoo.co.uk
L2 Kingston Anne Grimsargh,Preston annekingston22@btinternet.com
L2 Krause Margaret Camberley, Surrey peter.krause@ntlworld.com
L2 Lewis Jessica London amazonsrus@hotmail.com
L2 Linley Judi Newbury jiudilinley@talktalk.net
L2 Livermore Nikki Carterton, Oxfirdshire nikkibdancer@hotmail.com
L2 Llewellyn Larissa York larissacollins8@gmail.com
L2 Lloyd Sue Shropshire sglloyd@outlook.com
L2 Mackenzie Desna Lancaster desna@desna-dances.co.uk
L2 MacDonald Deiredre Scotland and Spain hipswithattitude@yahoo.com
L2 Malone Bree Australia  
L2 Martin Sandi Hampshire sandibellydance@gmail.com
L2 McCann Annette Fife, Scotland a_net@madasafish.com
L2 McLaughlin Ann  Glasgow, Scotland darkchoclover@btinternet.com
L2 Miller Joanne Newcastle millerjoanne86@gmail.com
L2 Neal Samantha London samnara@aol.com
L2 Nicholson Pamela    
L2 Norman Melanie Bath admin@arabquarter.co.uk
L2 Ord Susan Alnwick  
L2 Orr Alison    
L2 Piggott Jan  Dibden, Christchurch janbelly@hotmail.com
L2 Pratt Sharlene Luton, Beds sharlenefizzymail@yahoo.com
L2 Pratt Dodo Warwickshire  
L2 Rapley Giles Trish Sandhurst, Berks  
L2 Reid Sue Jersey susanreidjer@googlemail.com
L2 Richardson Goodlad Sarah    
L2 Rickerby Sarah Blackpool sarah_rickerby@sky.com
L2 Sabbatella Bev   bevsabbatella@msn.com
L2 Skar Monika Norway monika.skar@conocophillips.com
L2 Smit Jude Surrey judebutterflysmit@yahoo.co.uk
L2 Taylor Jeanette Keighley, W Yorks taylorjeanette@tiscali.co.uk
L2 Thompson Sandra Hull sandra@piggies.karoo.co.uk
L2 Valois Tine Denmark tinevalois@hotmail.com
L2 West Camilla London camillawest@hotmail.com
L2 Widdaker Elaine    
L2 Wood Christine Hampshire woodfamily18@btinternet.com
L2 Young Jean     


Safety course – breaking down technique

Below are the names of teachers who have successfully completed the Level 1 Teaching Certification.  Some are very experienced teachers, others are newer to teaching. Some may be working towards the BDN Teaching Diploma, while others have taken different routes.

When the Level 1 Teaching Certification is completed, we certify people to teach to the level below their own current technique level. At any time, teachers can get this reviewed by having their technique level updated – but not everyone does.

Some teach community classes, others higher levels.  Where up-to-date information has been given, and the technique level is of a higher level, these teachers are also listed in our Class area denoted with a turquoise pin.  

Every effort is made to keep these lists up to date and accurate please contact us on info@bellydance-now.com if you spot any mistakes.  (Updated 4th December 2023)

Surname First Name Area
Adamson Deb Dumfries
Adegbite Kiera  
Akgunduz Lisa  
Andersen Vicky London
Armstrong Jayne  
Armstrong Eleanor Northumberland
Armstrong Laura Enniskillen, N Ireland
Arnott Debra Huddersfield
Arora Deepa London
Ashton Tokie London
Ashworth Angela Lancashire
Austin Pamela Havant
Baeyens Annelies Belgium
Barber Kerry Worksop
Barnard Amy London
Barter Rose Wales
Bartlett Cristina Salisbury
Bedford Kat  
Bell Emily Bristol
Benoit Hilary Herefordshire
Berry Emma Sheffield
Birch Karen Ilkley
Birchall nee Crabbe Julia Leicester
Bittar Melina Surrey
Bizzari Faten  
Bjarkoy Trine Irene  
Blagden Ann Cheltenham
Bootes Sandra Carlisle
Boothman Donna Nottinghamshire
Borek Rachael Manchester
Bosley Michelle Dorset
Bourne Thelma London
Bowler Holly Telford
Box Liz Fife, Scotland
Bradley Lesley Blackburn
Brewster Wrann Sarah  
Buchan  Nici  Edinburgh
Buchanan Venetta Huddersfield
Burton Denise Kent
Bywater Lyn Essex
Caddick Katherine Shropshire
Callaghan Sarah Wantage
Campbell Clare Berkshire
Campbell Serita Hants
Cannoodt Hilde London
Carman Kathryn Merseyside
Casson Janene Weymouth
Chailloux Christine Tyne & Wear
Champion Trish Berkshire
Chapman Josephine  
Chastney Louise  
Cheel Anita Essex
Chen Wanshu Poertsmouth
Chora Ana Portugal
Clark Vronnie Cornwall
Clarke Michelle Essex
Clement Claire Swansea
Coates Julia North Wales
Coello Jane Leeds
Coles nee Daly Annabel Oxford
Collier Gaye Bristol
Collier Melanie Wales
Cook Rosie Bristol
Coulter Eleanor Berkshire
Cousins Jenny Sheffield
Cozart Jennifer Steilacoom, USA
Crocker Ramona Wales
Crosby Sharon Ilkley
Cross Elaine Sheffield
Croucher Ann Lincolnshire
Curtis Donna W Sussex
D’Allison Jenny Haywards Heath
Dakini Tara Ayershire
Dalley Danuta Lincolnshire
Danby Kim Gloucestershire
Danilenko Elina Cambridge
Darasse Louise Belgium
Darling Laura Edinburgh
Davidson Nancy Australia
Davies Debra Northumberland
Day Sian Calderdale
de Andres Jennifer Belgium
De Chadaravian Rita Oxon
De Sica Francesca London
De Simoni Ilaria Devon
Delmer Jane Jersey
Dent / Kenny Chloe E Sussex
Diamond Lana Huddersfield
Dickinson Sue Swindon
Dinsdale Roxanne Leicester
Disley Faye Essex
Dravecz Nikolett Sheffield
Eden Clare Gloucestershire
Eggins Heather Somerset, Devon
Elkasmi Rkia London
Ellison Louise Cambridge
Evans Caroline Not currently teaching
Everest nee Black Daun Kent
Facey Michelle  
Fallah Jaleh Sheffield
Fiberesima Natasha Stockport
Filippi Rose Glasgow
Fletcher Lynne Sheffield
Fletcher Tracey Sheffield
Flude Stephanie Aberdeenshire
Forrest Rachel  
Franks Judith  
Fraser Amanda Glasgow
Froggat Abi  
Fry Jackie Cornwall
Game Sarah Middlesborough
Garbutt Ruth Leeds
Garham Rhiannon Wales
Garrett Arlene Lancaster
Garrish Sarah Preston
Gaunt Sharon  
Gavalierova Martina  
Gerrard Nicky  
Gilbert Louise Essex
Gimblett Katerina Wiltshire
Gledhill Alex  
Glen Adele Belfast
Glover Cath  
Goddard Jayney Hastings
Gooding Vanessa Hartlepool
Goodman Olivia Bristol
Gorczynska Elzbieta London
Grainger Gill W Yorkshire
Granger Jane  
Gray Natalie Oxford
Greene Lianna E Sussex
Greenslade Marisol E Sussex
Gurden Caroline Hastings
Halimi Victoria Swansea
Hall Rebekah Surrey
Hamilton Emma Stirling
Hancock Liz  
Harris Anne Jersey
Harris Michelle Kent
Harrison Karen  
Harrison Lorna  
Harrison Julia Sheffield
Healey Maura  
Heard Sian Cheltenham
Heath Joanna Dorset
Heaton Louise Bolton, Lancs
Heaviside Cicely Sheffield
Hein Solange London
Hemming Erica  
Hilliard Maria Southampton
Hirani Joshna  
Hislop Rachel  
Hole Angela Hants
Hollands Debbie  
Holley Louise Winscombe
Holmes Maureen Merseyside
Hoodbhoy Nadia London
Houle Jennifer Belfast
Howell Feyza Berkshire
Howrie Debbie Cumbria
Hudson Jan  
Hughes Wendy  
Humphrey Sharon Norfolk
Humphries Laura  
Hurcombe Bernadette Epsom
Hurd Connie Lincolnshire
Hutton Gillian Co Durham
Hutton Rosemary  
Isaac Kay Devon
Jabowska Bridget  
Jackson Fiona Shropshire
Jarrett Liz Southport
Jeffreys Deb Gwent
Jensen Marie Denmark
Johncocks Rebecca Isle of Skye
Johnson Aileen Inverness
Jones Kerry Cumbria
Jones Pam Gloucestershire
Jones Angela Shropshire
Jones Diane Newcastle
Jowers Sally Sheffield
Karstad Jill Hartlepool
Katriou Stamatia-Ann London
Keating Deborah Milton Keynes
Kelleher Sarah Cheshire
Kennedy Kay Scotland
Kennedy Sofia Hampshire
Kincaid Kathryn Berkshire
Laird Tammy Renfrewshire
Lane Angela Nottingham
Lane-Smith Susan  
Lapochkina Vera London
Lasalle Collette Somerset
Leach Jane Manchester
LeFevre Rosemary Norwich
Lewis Alison Northumberland
Lin Amy  
Litsa Constantina  
Livsey Elizabeth  
Lo Amy London
MacDonald Karen East Kilbride
MacDonald Catriona Wales
MacFarlane Nihoma Fife
Malone Bree Australia
Marriott Eleanor Broadmayne
Marshall Jennie Teddington
Mason Ruth  
Matsi Maria Essex
Matthewman Lisa  
Matthews Barbara Wales
Mayhew Tania Kettering
McAllister Sally Cumbria
McConkey Nichola Belfast
McCue Gina Jersey
McCue Rachel Sheffield
McCullough Natalie Suffolk
McGillivray Jude Shropshire
McGregor Clair Peterborough
McLachlan Aileen  
McLaren Nicola Edinburgh
McLean Joanna Belfast
Meadowcroft Carrie Merseyside
Medley Maud Kent
Meehan Pauline  
Mehmet Fatma Adnan  
Miller Joanne Tyne & Wear
Miri-Meziane Farah Kent
Mitchell Bethan Stirling
Mobley Catherine London
Mole Jane Kent
Molloy Jemma London
Moody Clare  
Morgan Penny Gloucester 
Morris Eve  
Munoz-Cobo Cebral Macarena  
Noble Vigil Iraya Edinburgh
O’Connell Mary  
Olivieri Giovanna  
Oniga Andreea Dundee
Owen Sabrina Leeds
Parvin Beatrice London
Payton Aimee Oxford
Pearlson Kathleen London
Phelan Margaret  
Phillips Debbie Hertfordshire
Phillips Helena Jane Swansea
Phyfer Maureen Scotland
Piggott Caroline Hampshire
Piros Szidonia Warwick
Platten Sara Essex
Pooke Angela Surrey
Porter Victoria Jarrow T&W
Price Karen Wolverhampton
Przibram Bridie Wales
Pulman Sarah Glasgow
Rafiefar Rachel Derby
Rapson Terri Shropshire
Reid Susan Jersey
Reynolds Aisling Coventry
Richardson Karen  
Rix Helen Leeds
Roberts Sally Wales
Robertshaw Diana Bedford
Robertson Amanda (Tigerlily) Peebles
Robins Julie Berkshire
Rorstad Julia Devon
Rowland Anne  
Rowley Helen Tamworth
Ryan Dee Tyne & Wear
Salem Claire Glastonbury
Salomon Lindsey Shropshire
Sanchez Munoz Cristina (Serenay) Surrey
Sanderson Caroline Cumbria
Sanz Erika London
Saunders Josephine Oxon
Scannell Noreen Ireland
Scott Stephanie W Midlands
Scott Geraldine  
Seymour Sue Surrey
Shakespeare Mary Preston
Sheard Emily Sheffield
Sheppard-Aldecoa Erica (Rikki) Gloucestershire
Shirkie Eleanor Ayrshire
Shutt Alexandra Jean  
Sinclair Eren  
Slack Sophie  
Smart Katerina Derby
Smith Beverley Leeds
Smyth Samantha Richmond
Snee Mandy Newcastle
Snook Raewyn New Zealand
Snow Nicola Essex
Sotiropoulou Walladay (Eirini) Manchester
Spoors Kelly Hartlepool
Spreadbury Merrion Hampshire
Stevens Louise North Wiltshire
Stewart Tricia County Durham
Stobbs Claire Newcastle
Stuckey Nadia Hove
Suganuma Itsumi London
Svanda Sarah Essex
Taberno Esther Surrey
Taplin Lisa  
Teasdale Kelly W Sussex
Terry Rachel Wiltshire
Thay Carol   Hertfordshire
Theaker Alison Devon
Thompson Julie Washington T&W
Thurston Helena Dorset
Tobin Claire Ireland
Tormo Martin Carmen Irene Sheffield
Trafford Jo Oxon
Trewhitt Sarah North Yorkshire
Trifona Christoudia Mel Cambridge
Trueman Eleanor Midlothian
Turnbill Joanne Southampton
Tyler Jacqui Oxon
Valkova Mariya Middlesex
Walker Rachel N Wales
Ward Joanie Glasgow
Ward Steffi Staffordshire
Warner Samantha Bedford
Warwick Christine Bedford
Wassell Charlotte Brighton
Watson Elise Cheshire
Wear Ann Huddersfield
Welch Natasha Hertfordshire
Welsby Gail Preston
Wheate Emma Redditch
White Kay Oxfordshire
White Olivia Harrow, Middlesex
White Sheila Birmingham
Whittaker Camilla  
Whittington Kathryn Berkshire
Wickard Ashley N Yorkshire
Williamson Rita Penrith
Williamson Tina Angus
Willis Fiona Somerset
Winestone Judith  
Woodhead Jen Staffordshire
Woolley Tatiana Nottingham
Ydstie Catherine  


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