Bellydance Heritage

We are delighted to announce that we have launched parts of this course on line.  This has enabled us to go into more detail and source some fascinating links for you to watch.

This is our most popular course. Everyone loves it because it gives you permission to immerse yourself in a subject you’re passionate about. From ancient Egypt, through the Golden Era to modern Egyptian and current Tribal and Fusion influences. This comprehensive course puts everything in context and you get to explore many different styles through our online links and live zoom lectures.

Watch this video to find out more:


Yvette Cowles was hugely instrumental in developing this course and passionate about the content. Its success is part of her ongoing legacy. Involved in developing the online courses:  Gwen Booth, Kay Taylor, Yasmina of Cairo and Moyra Banks.

The course is suitable for:
• Students who want to increase their knowledge of Middle Eastern History and Culture relating to Bellydance
• Performers of Bellydance who want to develop a more authentic expression

Bellydance Heritage Explored
• Origins, threads and legacies
• Commercialism of the Orient
• Folklore legacy
• Bellydancers on Film

We are working on 2 more courses to complete this heritage section.


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