Posted on 13/02/2023 by Kay Taylor

Free Zoom for teaching

Dear Dancers

We are about to start our next round of teacher training.  Our Level 1 bellydance teaching certification starts soon.  If you are new to teaching – or are thinking about teaching this could make all the difference.  Join us for the FREE Zoom session to find out more about the course, what it involves and what it will do for you.

Saturday 25th February 2023
Book your place on this free zoom call about teaching bellydance.  It is free but you have to book your place to get the Zoom link.  If you can’t join us live, book anyway and I will send the recording link out after.
Or if you just want to check out the details and book your place go straight to our booking page ‘L1 teaching certification’

If you teach bellydance join our facebook group – a place to post things for other teachers, ask questions and get support.  Join the BDN teaching community.

Teaching can be a lonely job – we create classes and pour our energies into them to ensure our students have a great time.  Often that energy is reciprocated and we feel energised by the class too.  Sometimes though we expend too much energy, feel drained and need some inspiration or input ourselves.  At BellyDance Now, we are developing a resource area for teachers which will have a small monthly fee but we hope will give a you a source of ideas, practical information and things to inspire you.  Thanks to those of you who completed the survey to say what you would find useful.  We hope to launch this by Easter.  We will post details on the BDN teaching community group on FB.  We already host Zoom networking events for teachers to get together.  We also invite specialists to talk at these events on subjects specifically of interest to teachers.  These are held ‘live’ and then posted onto this resource area.

Thus far we have inspirational talks from:
Randa Kamel
Julia Farid
Tare Lee Oakley
We have had really useful talks
Nikki Taplin – Marketing
Stuart at Sound Dynamics – zoom kit and sound advice
Louise Cardon – Life coach – dealing with covid and uncertainty
And many more subjects too.
We also have little technique / combinations for you to browse through.  To use or adapt if you run out of steam.
Ideas for class content
Practical information too

As teachers it is nice to know there is something there for us and a network of other teachers to turn to.

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