Posted on 10/08/2022 by Kay Taylor

Who is Abeer Will?

I first met Abeer in Cairo at the atelier of costumier Hanan Mahmoud.  Hanan had kept telling me about Abeer over the years but we had never actually met.  We hit it off straight away.  I love her down to earth nature and her sense of humour.  We worked together a few times through lockdown over Zoom and she decided to come over to the UK to support the launch of ‘Bellydance Now’.  Abeer is a font of knowledge and has helped build and develop the dance community in the region of Germany where she now lives.  I felt we had so many aims in common I suggested to the other directors of BDN that Abeer join the team.  She bring an Egyptian perspective to our ventures as well as an in depth knowledge of traditional dance in Egypt. (Picture:  Abeer & Kay introducing BDN)

This is how Abeer has been described by dancers who have worked with her:  ‘She is simply Cairo!!!’  ‘Explosive, impulsive, passionate and with a lot of female pride – this is how Abeers style can be aptly describes’,  ‘Abeer brings us closer to that pure Egyptian feeling through her dance and teaching’.

Abeer in Egypt:
Abeer comes from Alexandria and studied as an agricultural engineer.  In addition to her studies, Abeer completed dance training at her university in Alexandria and at the state dance theatre, Zagazig.  She worked as a dancer at various theatres in Cairo as well as on European tours.  In 1995 she began teaching in Germany and opened a dance studio in Hildesheim (Tanzstudio BAHIA) in 1996.

Dance Teacher:
Abeer started teaching in Germany and says she has the best of both worlds:  An intimate understanding of Egyptian dance laced with the discipline and structure of a European teacher.  Since 2004 Abeer has been training German dancers to teach and co-ordinating training content for the BATO training certificate.  Abeer also worked as a dance and movement therapist in 2011 and uses some of these principles to inform her teaching.  Abeer travels as a guest lecturer and dance teacher through Germany, France, USA and Egypt.  She is always in demand because of her warm hearted, generous and knowledgeable teaching manner.

In 2007 she worked with the world-renowned choreographer Ismael Ivo on the project “Mercato del Corpo” for “La Biennale di Venezia”.  Abeer was the  representative of Oriental Dance.  She had several performances through this event together with 6 artists from different nations. An international experience that influenced her development as a dancer and teacher of oriental dance and Egyptian folklore.  In Germany she has done theatre work creating and performing in various pieces of choreography for New Year concerts commissioned by the General Music Director, Werner Seitzer.  When Abeer teaches at festivals she loves to perform and bring that quintessential Egyptian feel to her dances.  Her roots lie in folklore, her love is presenting this dance in an authentic manner with passion and respect.

Abeer is coming to the UK to teach twice in 2022:
At the JWAAD Summer School August 2022.  It is not too late to book – an amazing residential week with Abeer and many other great teachers.  
And at Fantasia Festival 26th November 2022 along with Kareem Gad and Yasmina of Cairo.
I can highly recommend Abeer.  She is a font of knowledge.  Join her at one of these events.
Kay Taylor

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