Posted on 18/10/2021 by Kay Taylor

Troubleshooting Technology

JWAAD hosted a free networking morning for bellydance teachers on Saturday 16th October.  It was so useful we are adding each of the speakers and their subjects on separate blogs.  Sign up for our emails if you want to be notified of the next one.

Here is Stuart Wilkinson from Sound Dynamics looking at:  Troubleshooting Technology.  His website is:   These guys have worked with the fitness and leisure industries for years and are happy to go through what would work best for your individual situation.  Whether it is Zoom set ups or live set ups.  Hosted by Kay Taylor.
Part of a free day designed as a bellydance teachers networking event.  Hosted by JWAAD and Kay Taylor.  Sponsored by the JTA. (JWAAD Teachers association).
If you would like to join the JWAAD teaching community, develop your confidence as a teacher and give your students more confidence in you, the next ‘Bellydance Safely‘ course taking place on Zoom might be of interest.

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