Level 1 Teaching Certification with BDN JSC42


Location: Zoom online course

Weekend 1: Apr 29th 2023 - Apr 30th 2023 / 9am - 5pm (UK)

Weekend 2: Jul 2nd 2023 - Sep 3rd 2023 / Two separate days 9 - 5 each day 2nd July and 3rd September 2023

This Zoom based course is accessible to everyone to do from the comfort of their own home.  It is great value for money.  A small group with lots of individual attention and the chance to connect with other teachers.

It takes place over 4 days.
It is in depth and fascinating.
You have 2 experienced tutors to mentor you through the course:
Ishtar (Dorte Evelyn) and Galit Mersand
It will inform how you practice and teach dance forever.
This course is created by JWAAD and delivered by ‘Bellydance Now’.
Read more about what is included in our course ‘Bellydance Safely’ here

A non refundable deposit of £50 is required to book your place.  The balance of £320 is payable in instalments.

29/30th April 2023  9am – 5pm (UK)
2nd July 2023  9am – 5pm (UK)
3rd September 2023  9am – 5pm (UK)
Plus a 30 minute Individual Technique Review with one of your mentors

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