Abeer Will

Abeer is an integral part of the team and comes to the UK whenever she can.  Abeer loves the International Bellydance Summer School, the community feel, the inspirational classes, the fun and the friendship.

Abeer Will was born in Alexandria. When she went to university she joined the folklore troupe and fell in love with dancing.  They won awards and travelled with the troupe.  When they travelled to Germany she met and fell in love with her husband to be.  They married and she moved to Germany.

Abeer said she had the best of both worlds.  She earned good money in Germany and this enabled her to take classes with top teachers when she went back to Egypt.  Abeer is a great believer in continuous study.  We never stop learning.  Abeer has helped develop a bellydance community and teaching programme in Germany.

We are delighted she wants to be a part of ‘Bellydance Now’.  Abeer brings authenticity and a deep understanding of the folklore styles within Egypt.

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