Posted on 02/05/2022 by Kay Taylor

What do you know about Baligh Hamdi?

  • Did you know that Baligh Hamdi:
  • Recorded 4 songs as a singer before he became a composer
  • That he mastered the oud and the violin as a child
  • That he was a law student
  • That he discovered Warda while she was teaching voice at the conservatoire
  • That they were married
  • That he composed songs for all the great artists including Oum kalthoum, Warda, Abed Halim Hafez, Nagat, Shadia, Sabah and Mohamed Rushdie
  • That he moved to Paris after a scandal
  • Would you like to find out more …. and why his compositions are the food and drink of dancers??
Sara Farouk lives in Cairo and has mentored many professional dancers.  Sara is a great teacher who accesses dance and music in a unique way.  An inspiration to many, Sara is joining us to explore the life and legacy of Baligh Hamdi.
You have probably heard the name but what do you actually know about his life and times?
Join us on Sunday 15th May from 2pm
First a lecture on the life and legacy of Baligh Hamdi – on Zoom
SaraThe lecture will be followed by a dance class with Sara Farouk who will help us explore the musical magic of Baligh Hamdi – also on Zoom so you can join us wherever you are.


If you subscribe to our in depth and fascinating music course ‘Bellydance Music Explored’ you can attend the lecture for free.

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