Susan Reid

Weekly Classes:  St Hellier, Jersey.  Private lessons.  Sue says ‘ I joined Jersey Jewels Arabic Dance Club in 1998 and then became a dance leader, treasurer and Chairman for the club. Jersey had no belly dance classes or teachers and we were mainly self-taught but we raised funds to bring teachers over to the island for workshops. I enrolled in the JWAAD foundation course and subsequently the JWAAD Diploma course (Graduated 2008) to initially improve my technique and deepen my understanding of the dance for my own personal development. The course was superb it helped me become less self conscious and more confident in my performing and teaching abilities and I started a regular class of my own. I believe this dance form is liberating, inclusive and very special. I too am an eternal student, there is so much to learn and explore and I am inspired by my students. Basically I just love to dance and its better shared with my fellow dance buddies.’

JWAAD Certification
JWAAD Teaching Diploma
JWAAD Mentor
Private lessons and technique reviews as part of the Personal Development Programme.

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