No weekly classes:  Workshops and private lessons.

Award winning dancer and performer, Nuxya, is based in London.  Nuxya is a principal dancer withJosephine Wises acclaimed Johara Dance Company.  She has toured with their full length theatrical shows ‘Elemental’,  ‘Hootchie Cootchie Girls’ and ‘The Mirror’.  Nuxya is also a founder member of the award winning fusion dance collective ‘Ahnemon’ as well as winning the Hathor Awards 2015 for her improvised performance to live music.  As a soloist, she is known for her emotional musical interpretation and diverse technical ability.

JWAAD Certification
Safe Delivery of Belly Dance Classes
Understandin Music used in Belly Dance
The Influence of History and Culture upon Belly Dance
Creating a Belly Dance Performance
Nadia is currently working towards both the JWAAD Teaching and Performing Diplomas.

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