Nisha Lall

Classes:  Sheffield  Workshops around UK
BA(Hons) Dance Practice, BA(Hons) Interactive Multimedia, is a freelance dance practitioner trained in Indian, Arabic, Salsa and Contemporary Dance. She is also a UKA Salsa Teacher and JWAAD (Diploma) Teacher.

Nisha has been a dancer for the Tarab Dance Company, Funoon Dance Company and Arjana Dance. This experience forms a lot of content for her classes. Nisha’s bellydance classes focus on technique through choreography. Classes also include an understanding of history & culture. Classes are broken into set blocks so different styles can be clearly taught (folk, oriental, fusion, pop etc). There are also session in dance technique and performance skills for those performing. Nisha also like to bring in elements of her other training to create fun and dynamic fusion choreographies (Bollywood, classical Indian, Salsa, Contemporary)

Nisha delivers regular classes in Sheffield and workshops around the UK. She also runs 2 performance groups giving dancers opportunities to learn diverse dance styles and perform in different settings and to varied audiences. Nisha’s current theatre shows focus on connections of culture dance styles and bringing together a professional and community cast. Nisha also works for other arts organisations to organises events that bring the larger dance community together.

JWAAD Certification
JWAAD Diploma Teacher

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