Kay Taylor

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Normally Kay teaches weekly classes, Sunderland and Newcastle.  Kay Taylor is one of our Directors and Head of the JWAAD Professional Training Program and is responsible for having achieved accreditation for the units of the Diploma Courses. One of the senior JWAAD Tutors, Kay is in demand throughout the UK to teach workshops and perform. She is recognised internationally both as a teacher and promoter of specialist belly dance events such as the Farha Festival in Luxor, which is based on working with live music. Kay is passionate about people‚Äôs development as dancers. She is responsible for both Farida Adventures, her holiday business, and Farida Dance, purveyor of all things to do with belly dance. Here is a clip of Kay performing Egyptian Sha,abi.

JWAAD Certification
JWAAD Teaching Diploma
JWAAD mentor and L5 master teacher

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