Galit Mersand

Weekly classes:  Hove & Brighton.  Workshops and Private Lessons.  Galit is one of the UK’s favorite belly dancers and sought after teachers today. She has been teaching and performing Bellydance since 1996. Trained by some of the world’s greatest Bellydance masters Galit holds a JWAAD Belly Dance teacher’s diploma and is a licensed JWAAD technique assessor. She runs weekly classes in Brighton as well as workshops all over the country and worldwide. Galit’s passion for dance and movement encourages her to keep exploring other forms of dance. She has extensive training in Ballet, Jazz, contemporary dance and Tango. Galit’s Dance Fusion classes make these dance styles available for all. A keen Yoga practitioner (and trainee Yoga teacher), she uses her understanding of yoga to enhance the quality of her movements. This has led to the development of her inimitable unique dance style and her original Body Awareness classes. A seasoned performer, Galit is known for her versatility and originality on stage. She teaches performance skills and mentors professional dancers helping them find their voice, individuality and unique way of expression. Galit branched out into comedy and a more theatrical oriented performance in 2007 when she wrote her first solo show Bellylicious which was followed by Bellylicious the Sequel in 2010. Written with a view to expose and explain Belly Dance to a wider audience these shows were a breakthrough in Belly dance performance combining Belly Dance with stand up comedy and physical theatre. Galit performed her shows at Edinburgh Fringe Festival & Brighton Fringe Festival. and toured the UK with both shows in 2011 & 2012. Through the years Galit introduced thousands to the art of belly dance through her classes, workshops and shows. She produced 5 instructional Belly Dance DVDs and continues to teach, inspire and entertain all over the world.

JWAAD Certification:
JWAAD Teaching Diploma
JWAAD Level 3 Master Teacher and Mentor

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