Buckleton Belly Dance School

Weekly Classes: Linton, Cambridge, Ickleton, Cambridgeshire. ┬áBelly Dancing since 1998, Sue Baker had trained in a variety of styles, including Turkish, Egyptian and folkloric. Sue has been teaching, performing (under the name Elissa Gameela) and choreographing in the Cambridge area since 2008. Her main inspirations are Aida Noor, Fifi Abdo, Nesrin Topkapi, Josephine Wise, Lisa Michaela, Jane Webster and Pauline Sayhi, and she has attended workshops with many other internationally renowned Belly dancers as well as with the above. Sue believes that the social aspect of Belly Dance is as important as the confidence and Laughter that the dance brings. As a trained Nurse safety within the dance is of paramount importance to Sue, which she believes comes from correct execution of the technique at all levels. Sue has several teaching and dancing Mantras including “Dance from the heart of your belly” “have fun and be fabulous” ” if it hurts, don’t do it” Sue likes to encourage her students within their performance skills and is the Artistic Director and main choreographer of the dance troupe Banate El Kamar.

JWAAD Certification
JWAAD Teaching Diploma
JWAAD Mentor
Private lessons and Technique Reviews as part of the Personal Development Programme.

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