Dorte Evelyn / Ishtar

Weekly Classes: Weybridge, Farnborough and Woking:  Surrey.  Workshops and private lessons.  Ishtar (Dorte Evelyn) is an accredited international dancer with more than 2 decades of professional experience. Her dance education includes Latin, Jazz, and Street Dance. She was a teenage Ballroom champion and later worked as an actress and theatrical choreographer before discovering the world of Oriental Dance. She is a founding member of the Aarhus Oriental Dance Society (Denmark), and having studied dance on three continents she is now based in Surrey. Ishtar is part of he acclaimed Johara Dance Company and also the creative director of the dance troup Karisimi. She regularly teaches and performs throughout the South East, and is also available for workshops and talks nationwide.

JWAAD Certification
JWAAD Teaching Diploma
L4 Master Teacher & Mentor
Private lessons as part of the Personal Development Programme both in person and online with Skype.
Teaches on the JWAAD accredited courses.

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