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What does it mean?
JWAAD Belly Dance Training Limited is registered with, and a member of, ‘One Awards’ (formerly the OCN NER). Our Centre Registration number is: NO59549.

All our courses are developed in conjunction with One Awards to ensure they meet their rigorous high standards. They have to be passed by the board and accepted as of the relevant standard – in our case, Level 3 (of ‘A’ level complexity).

Learners compile portfolios of evidence from the courses. JWAAD Teachers help the compilation and ensure the evidence is valid and sufficient. The files are then checked by the JWAAD Internal Verifier (IV) before being submitted to the One Awards for External Verification. The External Verifier (EV) checks a sample of files to ensure our JWAAD Teachers and IV have assessed the work fairly and thoroughly, that they have requested sufficient evidence and that the quality of work is of Level 3 standard.

The EV also checks that JWAAD has processes in place to ensure Teachers are fully trained and support the learners effectively, that issues are dealt with in a timely manner and processes amended when relevant.

We are very proud of our track record with the One Awards (formerly OCN). Below are comments taken directly from Quality Review reports, which are done twice a year when the EV from the One Awards visits.

On Portfolios and work submitted:
‘The files continue to be extremely good, and the amount of research done by some learners is a credit to them and their tutors, and shows just how interested they are in the course and how much they value the qualification. There are some very good personal assessments of the current political and economic situation around the world.’

‘There were some really excellent files where learners had written very comprehensive answers and notes. With some learners where English was not their first language it could be seen that the written work was not as comprehensive, however all assessment criteria were met and learners judged competent.’

‘The files continue to be extremely good, and the amount of research done by some of the learners is extremely high and of excellent quality. Both learners and tutors have worked hard to produce excellent work in this highly specialised subject area.’

On Assessment decisions and good practice:
‘There continues to be a large amount of excellent and ongoing feedback from assessors to learners, with guidance given on ways to improve both the written work and practical skills. Sometimes assessors and/or the internal verifier have spotted gaps in the assessments, and these have been quickly identified and reported back to enable the learner to complete and resubmit their work. One learner put forward today was a learner who had been unable to complete one of the earlier courses but who had been supported and encouraged to complete their file for submission with this batch.

Feedback from tutors/assessors to learners was very good, and gave the learner the opportunity and direction for improvement, particularly around the personal level assessment.’

‘I agree with the assessment decisions. On several occasions the assessor has requested additional evidence, and in all cases this was provided and assessed as competent’.

‘There is a very clear staffing structure and all tutors appear to benefit from a great deal of ongoing support.’

‘One Awards’
The new name for the OCN North East Region. They have been offering Quality Assurance and Accreditation services for 20 years and are proud of their reputation for outstanding customer service.

They offer access to Higher Education and also deliver services on behalf of the NOCN, one of the UK’s leading credit based Awarding Organisations.

One Awards is a not for profit organisation, with charitable status. Promoting their charitable objectives is very important to them and they invest in continuously developing products and services to support their customers.

To read more about ‘One awards’ go to their website:

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