May 12th - May 12th

Buckleton 10th Anniversary Hafla

Hosted by Buckleton Belly Dancers and Sue Baker

There will be dance performances from Banate El Kamar, members of the Buckleton Belly Dancers, plus we are very honoured to have performing for us our very special guest and friend, the international star of Turkish Dance, Ozgen.

All Groups & Soloists are welcome to perform at the Hafla, Performance Slots are available for soloists and other dance schools on a first come first, serve basis. To book a performance slot please contact Sue Baker on

There will be a chance to shop at our Just Because Stall and if you have any Belly Dance costumes that you wish to sell please feel free to bring them along for the Preloved rail.

There will be some refreshments provided but please do feel free to bring some food to share for the buffet table.

For more information check the facebook page.  Workshops with Ozgen through the day.

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