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Join our JWAAD Teaching Team ……

We are delighted to announce that our 2017/2018 JWAAD Diploma students are now starting to qualify and become fully fledged JWAAD Teachers.

  • Congratulations to:
  • Elizabeth Aitken
  • Moyra Banks
  • Joanne Miller
  • Carmen Irene Duende

After lots of hard work, some tears, some laughter, we are proud that these amazing teachers are joining the JWAAD team.  One journey completed ……. another journey about to start.

Would you like to join the JWAAD team and become a JWAAD Teacher?

We are now starting to plan our next teaching diploma.  Some of you have already started the journey and completed some of our courses.  We have designed the JWAAD Teaching Diploma to be as flexible as possible.  There are 4 units.  Ideally you complete the Safety course first.  But if this is not possible, you can start with the Music or the History and Culture courses.  You can only register for the final unit ‘Teaching Methods used in Belly Dance’ if you will have completed the other 3 courses before it starts.

Next year you will have the option of 2 Safety courses to complete:  London or Wales(dates TBC)
Currently 1 History and Culture course in Kent – there will be another – possibly in Edinburgh.
3 Music courses:  Sunderland, Wales & London
You may have to travel which is a great opportunity to meet dancers in other areas.  If possible try and spread the courses out as each has assignments and you do not want to overload yourself.

To read in more details about our teaching diploma, click here.
Below are answers to some Frequently asked questions.


Q – I completed the Music course before I was ready to consider registering for the teaching diploma.  Will it still count or do I have to redo the course?
A – Yes it still counts – you do not have to redo the course.  You will need a couple of private lessons to catch up with the sections that count towards the teaching diploma.  When you email us on to register for the diploma, tell us which courses you have already completed.

Q – My technique is not yet of Lower Intermediate level but I want to do the teaching diploma.  What should I do?
A – If you are nearly at Lower Intermediate level, you could be offered a provisional place with a commitment to regular private lessons and on the understanding that you will only be awarded your teaching diploma once you achieve the required level.  If you are below ‘proficiency’, you would be required to continue working on your own technique before registering for the teaching diploma.

Q – I completed the Safety course 10 years ago and my technique level was ‘improver’.  Does this still count?  And how do I get my technique re-assessed?
A – Yes the Safety course still counts.  You can book a private lesson with one of our Mentors and have a Technique Review to update your level.  For more information on our Personal Development Programme and Technique Reviews, check here.

Q – I have never studied with any JWAAD teachers but I would like to do the JWAAD teaching diploma.  Does this matter?
A – Anyone is welcome to start their journey with JWAAD at any time.  If you are already a higher level dancer, you can expand your range by learning slightly different technique.  Have a look at our resource area for personal development.  This has videos of basic technique – as a teacher, you need to be able to execute basic technique and break it down.  If you want to discuss starting your teaching journey with us, call Kay on 0191 565 2920 or email us at
To read more about our teaching diploma click here.

Q – I have only been dancing six months but my teacher tells me I am a very good dancer and I want to start teaching.
A – Six months is a very short time.  We would love to encourage your journey and would suggest that you start with a private lesson and technique review – or the safety course which includes a technique review.  The JWAAD technique ‘levels’ are a national standard and may be more stringent than your local teacher but we love to help dancers identify their strengths and weaknesses – and put together a development plan.

One to One Technique Review

Q – I live in the middle of nowhere with no class in traveling distance.  I would really like to work on my technique so I can register for the teaching diploma.  What do you suggest?
A – We do provide free on line tutorials and drills – you can find these on the free on line resource area.  You can also book on line lessons and technique reviews with some of our Mentors.  We do recommend that you have some face to face private lessons – or go to the JWAAD Summer school / residential courses / events for some of your study.  There is no replacement for face to face classes or private lessons.

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