Oct 14th - Oct 14th

Pandeiro percussion and Rajasthani Kalbelia dance

Pandeiro percussion and Rajasthani Kalbelia dance workshops in Huddersfield

Workshop 1  Pandeiro is the name given to the Brazilian Tamborim (tambourine.)
The Pandeiro is very versatile and one of the most popular percussion instruments used in Brazil.  Although by appearance it’s very similar to a tambourine they are quite different. The technique uses both hands playing simultaneously to produce a very dynamic sound.
Using traditional techniques Claudio kron do Brazil will demonstrate many different rhythms.  All rhythms have a dance to go with them. In this workshop you will get a glimpse of the array of rhythms (and dance) from native Brazil eg: Maracatu, Ijexa, Samba, etc. A few Pandeiro will be available to borrow, however if you have one, or a tambourine please to bring it along.

Workshop 2   Elina will demonstrate and guide us through the intricate steps, turns, arm and hand movements of Rajasthani Kalbelia dance which is performed to celebrate any joyful moment in the community and is an integral part of Kalbelia culture.

Cost is £14.00 per workshop or £24 for both and places are limited. Cheques made out to,  Ann Wear, posted to HD1 Dance, 5 St Johns Road, Huddersfield, HD1 5AY marked for Anns attention, or by PayPal to:   annwear@annwear.co.uk
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