Posted on 13/05/2021 by Kay Taylor

Amazing music workshops …..

We are delighted to announce a range of new lectures and workshops to run alongside our online course launched in 2020 ‘Bellydance Music Explored’.

‘Bellydance Music Explored’ replaces our previous ‘Understanding music used in bellydance’ course.  It includes all the previous information and has been updated and refreshed with current and relevant clips, interviews and links.

‘Bellydance Music Explored’ is a bundle of six courses which you can work through in your own time.  You have access for 12 months.  There are 6 new lectures each year to accompany the course.  These are free to subscribers and held via Zoom.  They are recorded and added to the relevant courses so you can access them even if you didn’t join the live lecture.

Our next lecture is with Abeer Will who studied with a folklore troupe at university in Egypt.  She fell in love with all styles of bellydance.  She met her husband to be whilst touring with the troupe in Germany and he persuaded her to marry him and move there where she still lives. Abeer was going to join us at Summer School last year but of course Covid put stop to that!

Sunday 27th June 2021
‘Recognising Baladi Music’  2 – 3pm UK time
In this lecture, Abeer will look at the different types of music classified as baladi including Tet Baladi and Baladi Awady.  She will explore what makes them baladi and help you recognise what baladi is.  This is free to dancers who subscribe to ‘Bellydance Music Explored’.  For those who do not subscribe, you can pay to join the live Zoom lecture but won’t have access after the event.  Click on this link to book.

We also host workshops to run alongside ‘Bellydance Music Explored’.  These are open to all dancers though we do limit numbers and subscribers get priority booking.  The content helps consolidate information in the course and we often recommend you have completed specific sections to get the most from them.


Sunday 13th June 2021  4 – 6pm UK time
Zoomtastic Tabla Solos with Yasmina of Cairo and Joelle Barker
An amazing opportunity to study tabla solos with Yasmina.  She will share her Cairo experiences of working with live music and help you develop your own tabla solo with Joelle.  Numbers are limited to ensure you all get the opportunity to develop your Zoomtastic Tabla Solo so book early here

Joelle is holding a class to play rhythms before the tabla solo class.  As a dancer this really helps you access rhythms in a different way.  Contact Joelle direct to take part – this is her FB page.

Sunday 27th June 2021  3.30 – 5.30 UK time
Build an improvised Baladi dance to Baladi Awady music with Abeer Will
This dance workshop builds on the earlier lecture.  Abeer is a very generous teacher and shares music sources as well as information.  Abeer will explain the structure of Baladi Awady, the feeling and what it is important that you catch within the music.  This will enable you to bring a really authentic feel to your dance.  Click here to book.

If you want to join our amazing musical journey and sign up for ‘Bellydance Music Explored’ click here.

For us at JWAAD the music is such an important part of bellydance.  There are so many different genres of music, different rhythms and styles.  Understanding them informs your dance in a completely different way.  It gives you confidence and inspires you to add more range and depth to your dance.

Whatever dance journey you choose, we hope you enjoy it and keep developing your dance.

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