Weekly classes:  Guiseley nr Leeds.  Workshops and events.   Anna says ‘Arabic Dance is my passion. I discovered Bellydance in 2000 when I was simply looking for something fun to do to keep fit. Then I fell in love. Everything about the dance entranced me from the music and movements to the empowerment and self discovery it gives to the wonderful group of women who study it. At this point a lifelong journey began. My study intensified and I began to learn other styles of Arabic Dance alongside Bellydance. I now perform as a solo artist (under the name Loveday) and with several dance groups. I also teach regular Belly Dance classes (know to my students as Anna Bisco) in Leeds and workshops across the UK. My main aim is to share the joys of learning and watching Belly Dance with a wider audience.’

JWAAD Certification
JWAAD Teaching Diploma

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