‘The importance of Folklore in Oriental Dance’: Saturday 14th January 2023


How important is it to know your folklore?  Kareem Gad explains how it informs what you do as an oriental dancer.
Saturday 14th January 2023


Saturday 14th January 2o23
6 – 7pm (UK) on Zoom – lecture

International superstar Kareem Gad talks to you about the importance of folklore in oriental dance.  Many top Egyptian stars started their careers in folklore troupes before going on to be oriental dancers.  Kareem worked for many years as the principal dancer in one of Cairos best folklore troupes before going on to teach internationally.  This will give us a great insight into the subject.

This is open to any dancers who are interested in the subject but may be of particular use to those competing in this years BDN International Challenge.

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