1 Leandro Superstar package – Deposit


Location: The Place studios, Euston, London

Date: May 13th 2023 - May 14th 2023

Time: TBC

Join Leandro 13/14th May 2023

Our price for this weekend of amazing workshops is only:   £160 

Pay a £50 deposit before end of March and pay the balance of £90 by 14th April 2023. 

The £50 deposit is non refundable.

Individual workshops are also available to book.

For dancers taking part in the BellyDance Now International Challenge, we have asked Leandro to include a workshop to help you develop your own choreography.  Anyone is welcome to join.

This package includes 4 x 2 hour workshops with Leandro – the workshops are below.  I am just finding out about studio availability now.  We plan to hold the workshops at The Place studios, Euston, London.

Passionate and elegant, that is tango.  A melancholic and sensual expression of a typical Argentine dance, this time fused with the beautiful movements of oriental dance, perfect lines of hands and legs, undulating hips to the rhythm of incredibly inspiring music to express and bring out all the passion that each one of them has.
Everyone knows that Bollywood can be fun, but sexy?

female? Yes of course, in this class you will dance a Bollywood choreography with all the magic of India and a powerful feminine energy that will make you vibrate and smile at every step.  This will be performed in the showcase for those that want to join in.

One of the most important dances when we talk about the typical show of the dancer, the dance that allows us to introduce ourselves and show our management of rhythms and virtuosity, elegance and sensuality.

It is important as a Bellydance dancer that you can correctly interpret this style and its rhythms, the meyance is characterized by having several rhythms in the same song, so it is important that you learn about it and thus highlight and increase your knowledge.

During the first 45 minutes we will work on combos, combinations with some rhythms such as:
Then we will use what we have learned to create a Meyance choreography so that you can take a final work with you, so you can dance this same choreography or with the combinations with each rhythm make your own choreography.
It is a class that will help your technique and how to create a Meyance choreography.
Get ready for an impressive choreography for your show, all the drama pushed through the fabric and its movements, we will dance to a current song that will be easier to interpret and so you can feel in each step, you will be able to express yourself with confidence and experience all the possibilities which has this element.
Showcase due to issues locating a suitable space we have decided not to hold a showcase on this weekend.

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